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Client List and Quotes

Client list

This is only a partial list of companies where TeamOJT is used:
  • The Boeing Company
  • AlliedSignal Aerospace
  • U.S. Army
  • Cadbury Chocolate, Canada
  • Northwest Airlines
  • Cooperative Power
  • 3M
  • USAirways
  • Precision Castparts Corporation
  • Washington Mutual
  • Makino Machine Tool Company
  • NASA
  • United Airlines
  • Trans World Airlines
  • Nestle Chocolate and Confections
  • The Nielsen Company
  • KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
  • Dana Corporation
  • Banta Corporation
  • Life Technologies
  • Qualcomm
  • Genetics Institute
  • SMS Technologies
  • Pemco Inc.
  • Safeco Life Insurance
  • Invitrogen
  • Utilix
  • Amgen

Quotes from clients

"This is a simple process that can be taught in just a few hours to the average employee. It has greatly improved training effectiveness and efficiency in the plant and has brought a spirit of ownership and pride among our employees. You can't believe the change in some of our employees. It's like someone lit a candle under them. They just glow. TeamOJT is now one of the company's Best Practices."
- Jan Mileskey, Safety Manager, Nestle Chocolate and Confections

"TeamOJT reduced training time by 80% and dramatically increased the overall knowledge and skills of our inspectors. The participative approach has orchestrated an atmosphere of cooperation and learning. It is apparent that this system is leading the aerospace industry in training development."
- Paul Ristuccia, Senior Engineer, The Boeing Company

"With this system, we hit the ground running. It's a flexible, proven method for creating standardized procedures and training modules to train those procedures. It works for extremely complicated procedure and knowledge requirements like ours. The teams have consistently turned out procedures that are top-notch, and teamwork and morale have gone way up since we started using the system."
- Linda Meagher, former Training Analyst, Safeco Life Insurance

"TeamOJT incorporates human factors principles such as decision-making, communication, team coordination and workload management directly into task training modules and indirectly through workforce participation. The TeamOJT process has proven successful in providing not only better training and procedures, but overall improvement of attitude and morale. Since the system produces a workforce whose performance can be observed and measured against explicitly defined standards, it is an effective intervention against unreliable, error-prone practices."
- Dr. Barbara Kanki, Research Psychologist, NASA Ames Research Center

"We showed the teams something simple, and they ran with it. It's just common sense. Everybody learns. The payoff of improved reliability and quality far outweighed any production time lost."
- Ralph Timmer, Manager of Engine Teardown and Cleaning, Northwest Airlines.

"Employee attitudes changed dramatically over time. Members of design teams start to dialogue and soon divergent production methods converge as operators reach agreement on best practices."
- Ray Edamura, Training Manager, Cadbury Chocolate, Canada, Inc.

"For the first time ever, all three shifts are talking to each other, and they are talking about how to do the job. Procedures and processes are now standardized and the training modules are displayed on the intranet for global access. TeamOJT has become the process we now use to ensure the competency of all our people."
- Martin Schaaf, former Director of Technical Training, Northwest Airlines

"The success of TeamOJT has been significant. The system encourages a consistent format and style. As soon as you work with one module, you have the basic format for all subsequent modules. TeamOJT has improved our consistency in designing and delivering shop floor training to our manufacturing employees and it is flexible enough to incorporate key parts of our culture. The tools for analysis can be employed by any trainer or facilitator in order to create viable and accurate job aids and instruction tools."
- Bob Clarke, Training Manager, The Nielsen Company

"This training system has been highly successful. The task analysis and building of modules clearly define the job and document Best Practices. Since the training modules are short and specific, one can focus on where specific problems are occurring. It provides consistency among trainers and trainees."
- Bob Runyan, Cycle Time Reduction Coordinator, Precision Castparts Corporation

"TeamOJT provides an easy way to capture and redefine processes and procedures. People grasped the concepts quite easily. The team process resulted in the bonding of workers and the trainers are able to move through material smoothly and consistently. Feedback from trainees is also very positive. This process has enabled us to reduce training time by up to 75 percent and trainer productivity has increased 85 percent."
- Rachel Butler, Performance Consultant, Makino Manufacturing

"We have made quality and safety improvements just through the process of conducting the task analysis with the team!"
- Lori Hogg, Training Manager, Life Technologies

"This system provided a platform for consistent training that crossed all lines of culture and diversity."
- David Paul, Aircraft Maintenance Instructor, Northwest Airlines

"This system is one of the few initiatives that has the backing of our hourly workforce because of their involvement in developing and initiating the training. The writing of training modules creates a natural process review at the floor level that uncovers good and bad practices. ISO certification has been much easier to accomplish."
- Jim Holzgraf, Investing Area Manager, Precision Castparts Corporation

"TeamOJT combines sound principles of instructional design with an approach that breaks into manageable pieces the often overwhelming task of developing structured OJT."
Penn Ansorg, Manager, Customer Training Services, GE Aircraft Engines



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