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Training Production Workers

TeamOJT Tip of the Month for October, 2008

Training production workers can be the most rewarding job in the training industry if it is approached in the right way. Why? Production workers are already highly motivated to learn and are very appreciative of any attempt to help them do that.

The best and most effective format for training production workers is structured on-the-job training (OJT) - period. Classroom training is a total waste of time. Production workers don't learn to do their jobs by sitting in a classroom, or by sitting in front of a computer screen. Training should be strictly task oriented and hands-on. Structured OJT is the best vehicle for learning tasks.

Production workers represent an important, yet seemingly neglected segment of the workforce, and they are suffering from too many years of the poorly focused, buddy system of OJT. Most have learned through trial and error, or "Watch what Jane does, and do what she does." It simply doesn't work in the long run, and results in errors and sloppy work habits.



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