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OJT Trainer Certification Program

Why certify OJT trainers?

  • Certification assures credibility of trainers and the entire OJT program.
  • An OJT trainer certification process ensures that trainers practice a structured training delivery method that guarantees standardization and consistency of the training and subsequent job performance.
  • OJT trainer certification brings more confidence to trainers, an increased level of responsibility, recognition from management and peers for professional competence, and possible career and job advancement opportunities.
  • Certified OJT trainers ensure that a continuous improvement cycle is set up and maintained.
  • Certification provides mechanisms for trainers to stay up-to-date in the tasks they teach, and upgrade their own skills and knowledge.

OJT Trainer Certification Requirements:

  1. Successfully complete required portions of The TeamOJT Workshop - The Eight-Step Process*
  2. Successfully complete the Train-the-OJT-Trainer Workshop.
  3. Successfully attain required level of competency by demonstrating:
    • Effective feedback and coaching strategies
    • Effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills
    • Flexibility in adapting to the needs of trainees with different backgrounds, skills and abilities
    • Ability to conduct task analyses, write measurable and observable performance objectives, and prepare effective training materials
    • Skill in evaluating trainee performance
    • Credibility with peers through expertise and professionalism
    • Observable contribution to on-the-job learning

    These competency requirements may be met in one of two ways:
    1) extending the Train-the-OJT-Trainer Workshop from 2 days to 3 days


    2) adding a short period of OJT for the trainer candidates back at their workplace. Each candidate will conduct at least five training sessions and video tape one session to mail back to HPA for evaluation.

    *Note: Certification as an OJT Trainer requires that trainers have a thorough understanding of the eight-step TeamOJT model and hands-on experience conducting the team job task analysis and writing training modules.

To learn more about the process of training the trainer, see Diane's article, Training and Certifying On-The-Job Trainers [PDF], which originally appeared in ASTD Technical and Skills Training, March/April, 1998.

See also her recently published article in The Training Report, What Makes An Effective On-The-Job Trainer? [PDF], March 2003



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